Monday, August 9, 2010

Random ideas

  1. The husband and I were laying in bed Saturday morning doing a review of our fertility situation.  Remembering back to past solvable problems in our lives, we had a eureka moment.  When solving problems, at first we thought there must be big, substantial reasons for the problem.  However, after analysis, most problems were the result of very small errors.  More on that.
  2. Karen finally called me this weekend!  She was very sweet.  She said she received my hormone chart but it was hard to read in black and white.  I didn't tell her that I definitely emailed that chart IN COLOR but Eva must have printed it in black.  Turns out my local NFP instructor has fallen off the face of the earth and won't return Karen's calls.  She hadn't returned my calls either in the last three months.  So, the local NFP teacher has been dropped from the program.  Karen told me looking at the chart she made that I probably have low progesterone since my post-peak progesterone levels are lower than my pre-peak estrogen curve.  That's not the case.  I didn't want to knock her off her horse.  And I didn't tell her I have already spoken with Dr. S.tigen.
  3. In the last year, ever so often I go back to the Creighton manual hoping I'll find something that will shed light on our situation that I might have missed.  And this time, I did!  For infertility patients, Dr. Hi.lgers recommends abstaining from sex until before fertile CM appears.  You do this for two reasons.  One, you're stressed out about performing during the fertile time so you want to have time to relax and build up desire.  Two, you're trying to build up sperm count.
  4. So, I looked back at my charts for the last ten months, and I floored to discover I'd been depleting supplies.  For eight of ten months, we'd averaged two intimate encounters within 72 hours before the first 10 KL appeared.  Are we overdoing it?   

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