Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blogging in real time

I just called Dr. Stig.en's office.

[Me] - Hi, I haven't heard from Trixie.
[Recep.] - OK, hold on.

I've now been on hold for 10:20 minutes.  Why is getting an HSG prescription like pulling teeth?  I'm not asking for a m.ethadone.

UPDATE:  I was on hold for exactly 18 minutes until I hung up.  I guess I kept waiting just to see how long I could last.  Called back and got Trixie within 20 seconds but after saying my name, she (accidently?) hung up on me.  I called back and Trixie answered.  I asked her why the HSG prescrpt hadn't been faxed to me and she claimed she had sent it.  No, I didn't get it.  She said she'd fax it again.

Trixie also said Dr. St.igen got my ultrasound results and she says it's normal.  I told Trixie I don't remember sending the office my u/s results but she swore I did.  After the phone call, I looked at my email and I have no record of sending the results to them.  Did they get me confused with another patient?  Likely given their track record.  I asked if the doctor would be interested in seeing the images.  Sure, was the reply.  I'm on the fence on sending them one of two copies.  Blah....

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