Friday, August 27, 2010

Open for Business

I had the HSG this morning; my fallopian tubes are open with no obstructions.  At least that's the initial reading from the radiologist who performed the test.  He will look at it closer but he said he didn't see anything abnormal.  As I told the female tech afterwards, this result was my expectation and my fear.  I'm almost officially an unexplained infertile.  I feel almost detached from this, at this point.  I can only worry and get upset so much before I'm exhausted and have to move on.  

As I'm sure many of you reading this have already had a HSG, I'll spare you the play-by-play.  I will say I went into the test as relaxed as I could be and the most I ever felt was high discomfort.  Nothing was painful but I did feel very uncomfortable when the doctor injected more dye to get all the way through the tubes.  The actual test took all of 10 minutes, if that.  They had me turn my hips for a side view which kind of sucked.  The cramping right afterward was quite bad, worse than my regular menstrual cramps.  They offered me water and a cold compress, which I declined since I wasn't sweating at all.  I asked to be able to stay lying down for a while (10 minutes) to let the worst cramps subside and just calm myself down before standing up and getting dressed.

The radiologist was curious why I was seeing a fertility specialist as far away as Sa.n Die.go, so that gave me an opportunity to tell him all about the Creighton Model and NFP.  He seemed genuinely interested and totally clueless about Creighton.  Just trying to get the message out there especially to male doctors who will probably have no use of that knowledge.  

I'm very glad I did the test down in San.ta. Monic.a.  They rebuilt the hospital from the ground up and all the equipment was new, which I'm sure I'll be paying for. :)  The radiologist was very nice and so was the technician.  I tried to keep up the talking to stay relaxed.  It's now 3 hours post procedure and I'm back at work and feeling near normal.    

Ironically, right before I walked into the hospital Trixie called me.  She said they got the ultrasound images and Dr. Stig.en could not see all of my uterus in the images so she wants me to do the hysterosonogram.  When I walked into radiology I asked if this could be done at the same time as the HSG since I brought the order with me but they said no can do.  I really don't think the sonogram is necessary.  I'm just an abnormal normal patient.


  1. Well SWEET for open tubes. No mixed emotions- only rejoice in this. I think it's really hard if not impossible to fix if they're blocked???? (Nothing's impossible for God!!!) But rejoice. That's awesome.

    And yea for planting seeds for NFP!!!

  2. Tubes open were my only bonus :) They can be fixed by Dr. Hilgers, but it is a pretty major surgery (nopt all can be fixed, but I hear he does wonders...) Can I ask why you are opposed to a lap? I know a few people that feel like this and I am just curious. Everyone has their own lines they draw and I am not challenging that at all, just interested.