Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Game Plan

I am thrilled by Blondie's news!  It gives hope to me and I suspect others who are still waiting for their miracle.  I love to see success and triumph for those who've prayed and worked so hard to overcome their struggles and achieve their dreams.

After talking it out with my husband last night, I've got a tentative game plan.  I'm organizing my testing based on cost.  I live in an exurb of the second largest city in America.  What my town lacks in culture, it makes up in a lower cost of living.  Many services and products are cheaper here than they would be in L..A..  I'm afforded the flexibility of getting treatment done there or at home, depending on how I want to balance the quality of care versus cost.

Because more invasive testing like the hysterosonogram makes me think I should head to the big city, I'll do that in L...A...  The pelvic u/s is happening at my local hospital on Thursday.  And I'll be calling Dr. Sti.gen's office to get an order for an standard HSG which I'll likely do at home.  It might be convenient to combine the HSG and sonogram on the same day.  I'll figure that out.  Another thing I've been emailing MLM about, I think doing the follicular u/s series before a laparoscopy is the best thing for me.  Dr. Stige.n said she'd have to do that herself since she "knows what she's looking for."  That will be significantly harder for us to do with her.  She's 2 1/2 hours away which would require a week off of work and staying by her office.

My husband and I already have two holidays scheduled in October (N..Y.C) and November (the beach) for a week at a time, so this is not the best time for prolonged testing.  Don't feel sorry for me! :)  I'm so blessed and happy to be able to take these trips.

At this point in time, this is my plan.
  1. Pelvic u/s - this cycle (August)
  2. HSG and sonogram - next cycle (late Aug./early Sept.)
After those tests, if something's wrong, I'll work out treatment.  I guess I'm getting my mojo back.  Reading Mother Teresa in Adoration Chapel last night helps with that.   

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  1. I like game plans - maybe because I am planner by heart! That sounds great that you can get services down at cheaper rates vs. the big city. I look forward to seeing how it works out. God Bless you! :)