If You Are New to (Catholic) Infertile Blogs

I found my first Catholic infertile blog in early 2010.  We were just into our infertility journey and I was looking for answers, specifically of a Creighton/NFP origin.  At a certain point I found over twenty blogs written by women who shared the married, Catholic, subfertile characteristics.  And I started my blog.

For several months, I was very hungry for information from other women as to what their physical problems were, what tests they'd undergone, and what treatments they were pursuing.  I felt if I could find someone who was similar enough to me and us as a couple, and they got pregnant, all I had to do was follow their plan and I'd be pregnant, too.

That didn't happen.  And through the course of almost two years of being a part of this virtual community, I have some humble words of advice (at least, just related to blogs) for anyone now caught in the very painful situation of infertility.

First, realize that no other blogger's situation is like yours.  You might have a similar physical condition but it's not the same and while the medical community will have the same protocol for testing and treatment, just because it worked for another couple, that's no guarantee it will work for you.

Second, the community is transitory.  The goal here is to get pregnant and some people, when they do, take their blog private or switch to another one all together to write about motherhood.    Nobody sticks around forever, unless you can keep up with them in another way.

Third, take a mental break when you need to.  I've always felt the Web is a great, amazing resource.  But, it's not always a source of comfort or peace.  Prayer and taking a step back and a deep breath can make all the difference.