Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fertile CM works?

After being diagnosed with EGAD!, limited mucus cycles, I started taking B-6 600 mg every day.  I also tried Mucinex for one cycle but it killed my CM so I never tried it again.  This cycle, at the recommendation of Dr. St.igen I started using Fertile CM around CD 5.  Much to my surprise, I did have a full six days of fertile CM!  Great!  It was never all day, but I thought this was progress.


  1. Fertile CM was the single best thing that helped my CM quality (it sucked before). The B-6 always seemed like a waste to me as well as the Omega-3s. Congrats on the rockin' CM. (I swear, if we every said half of the stuff we write in comments on IF blogs IRL, we would all be committed.)

  2. Lol, Chasing...isn't that the truth!

    I have just started using it right after my surgery and a combo of the actual surgery and possibly the fertile cm, I saw some awesome cm!! Hope it keeps going well!!