Monday, August 2, 2010


It took the weekend to calm down.  I did not update my chart on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and I felt pretty liberated.  However, I did the Creighton thing in the ladies room this morning.  That sounds illicit.  Fun!

I also called to make an appointment with the RE and infertility specialist connected to a rather renowned practice in L..A.

[RE Receptionist]  Did you know that our office doesn't accept insurance?
[Me]  Yeah, I know from a referral to Dr. last year.  How does that work?
[RE Recept.]  You pay for the office visit at the time of service and we give you a form you can send to your insurance.
[Me]  How much will the charge be?
[RE Recept.]  Between $250 and $475.
[Me]  Which is it?
[RE Recept.]  Well, infertility is her specialty so it will be closer to the 450 number.  Do you still want to make an appointment?
[Me]  Sure.
Then, we nail down a time with some difficulty.  Apparently, the doctor only sees infertiles in the mornings.
[RE Recept.]  OK, we'll see you then.
[Me]  Wait, do you have any forms you can send me beforehand so I can have them filled out when I arrive?
[RE Recept.]  If you get here 15 minutes before, you'll have plenty of time to fill out the forms.
[Me]  I'll have all my related medical records copied to give to the doctor.
[RE Recept.]  (Not seeming to care)  OK, see you.

After I hung up, the bell in my head rang.  Wouldn't the doctor want to know what tests I had already done?  Perhaps so we could rule some theories out?  And I thought, no.  They think I'm green.  They think I'm stupid.  They think I'm uneducated about my options.  They think I don't already know that the IVF success rate is barely 12% per cycle.

I met my husband for lunch and told him how much the visit would cost and I'm thinking about cancelling (I do this flip/flop thing a lot.)  I told him that the doctor wasn't going to tell me things I didn't already know.  And she recommend the same tests I already have prescriptions for.  It would be a waste of money.  Money thrown at a doctor so she can buy a new handbag.  So, I've already earmarked that money for another purpose which will be way more fun! Motorcy.cle riding lessons!!!!!!

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