About Me

An "About Me" page for an anonymous blogger can be an oxymoron.  However, I will say that I am a graduate of UCLA and have lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.  I now live in a semi-rural area seemingly cutoff from the culture I once thrived on.  And I'm married.  We love to hike.  And I love being fit.  We are Catholic.

When I started trying to get pregnant in 2009, I was hopeful about the NaPro Technology process.  You can see that in my post history.  I'm ashamed of my naivete but when you want kids, rational thoughts can be pushed aside.  I am unapologetic in saying I've lost hope that we'll ever get pregnant.  Because we have to plan a life without them.  Therefore, I call myself a person who is involuntarily childless.

'Involuntarily childless' puts me in a rare class of human beings.  Never having been a minority in any population in my life, adapting to being a human outlier is traumatic.  My life's focus has shifted to advocating for this group.  Those women who have wanted to get pregnant and have never been so know a life 99.999% of the population cannot fathom.  I'm here for them. 

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