Friday, August 30, 2013

Those who run seem to have all the fun

I can't help but think the first few sentences of the Misfit's latest post might, just might be referencing me?  :)

Yes, I've been web silent.  Not much to say on the infertility front but here's the latest in my life.
  1. Some weeks ago, I delivered a copy of my and the Archbishop's letter to my parish pastor along with my contact information (all of it.)  Did I hear from him?  No, of course not.  So, last Sunday after Mass, I walked up to him, put out my hand to shake his and said, "Hi Father, I'm [my name].  Did you read..."  He interrupts, "Yes, I know.  I read your letter."  My response, "Aren't you impressed?"  Is that not a leading question?  He said it was "impressive" I got a response from the Archbishop.  "Well, I'll make an appointment to meet with you and we can discuss the contents of my letter."  "Uh, um, ok."  He was not enthusiastic.  But I am not deterred.  I just have to figure out what I'll say before I make the appointment.
  2. Things with the husband are going OK.  We are still living together.  I've been so busy at work that it helps keep my focus off my marriage (in a good way.)  
  3. We are planning to hike Mt. Whitney (by way of the Mountaineer's Route) with three friends/relatives in September.  We have two guides and one day to do it.  Two guides were essential to not tie me to my husband's pace.  He can leave me in the dust for all I care now.  
  4. Speaking of work, I now work a later schedule (YES!).  I can now come in at 9:30.  This has really changed my life in terms of my mood.  If I can sleep until 8am, I am a happy camper.  Working until near 7pm makes no difference.  I also have taken on a new division and great responsibilities.  Happy times.
  5. I am living nearly 24/7 in these skirts:  They are so comfy.  I can dress up the black skirt (wearing now!) with a blazer so it's totally fine for work.  
  6. We are thinking about down sizing our house.  We bought the four bedroom house with the intention of filling it with at least two kids.  No kids, no need for a big house.  So, we might be in the market in the next year or so.
  7. My confidence levels have never been higher.  I think infertility and turning 36 will do that to you.  And maybe surviving a trek in Morocco does that, too.  But, I am not afraid to voice my well reasoned opinions.  I am not reckless with my words; I am just not hiding.
  8. I got sick and tired of growing my hair out.  Just after ten months of growing it out and two months from a chin length bob, I got it cut.  It's a bit longer than the last pixie cut, but it's short.  I take delicious pleasure in not having to blow dry my hair.  I'm just happier this way.
In short, I have embraced the realities of life and have started to realize what my spiritual gifts really are.  Maybe more on that later.