Friday, August 6, 2010

Irrational Hope (but with Faith)

[The roses are just for color. :)]  Despite nine unsuccessful attempts, try no. 10 still gets me excited.  My secret plan was to renew the marriage covenant as soon as I saw 10 KL or CKL.  That happened last night and so we did manage to "BD" (I did just have to googl.e that (why did I put a period in that word??) but I'd call it far from an experience I'd feel good about.  TTC is getting too stressful for us.  If this one doesn't work, I'm going on a sabbatical for two months.

I did buy a digital OPK this time.  I used it for the first time this morning resulting in, hey, a happy face.  Something I can feel good about.  In order to take the pressure off, I'm not going to try to BD again this month.

In testing news:  I got the u/s results this morning in the form of a radiologist report and the images on CD.  My computer automatically loaded this crazy image viewing software which I'd never seen.  I was a little disappointed the images weren't in a format I could email to Dr. Sti.gen.  Since Dr. ordered the test, the report went to his office.

The result is that the ultrasound was normal.  I even took a stab at interpreting the images and they did look pretty normal to me.  But, who am I other than a internet researcher?  I just called Eva at Dr.'s and asked her if 1)she received the fax this morning? 2)why hasn't Karen (the Creighton chart expert galore) called me after a week and a half? and 3)that I'd like to get a call this afternoon or Monday with confirmation of receipt of the u/s report and a phone appointment with Dr. D to talk about all the test results.

I am absolutely determined to get the HSG/hysterosonogram done in L..A.. by the 31st of August.  Then move on to the follicular u/s series a week and a half later.



  1. Sometimes having a plan helps to alleviate some of the stress...or at least that's how I feel about things.

  2. I totally agree with that plan. It's amazing what a lack of stress can do to your life. Good luck!