Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That time again

My husband and I both managed to be home for lunch today. Before I left, I went into le WC.

[Husband] What are you doing, baby?
[Me] I've got sticky. (The word we use for 10KL.)
[Husband] Oh no.
[Me] What do you mean "oh no?"
[Husband] So, that means I'm gonna get some?
[Me] Nah, don't worry. I won't hit you up.
[Husband] Are you sure you don't want to tonight? Well, we had sex last night so we're good to go?
[Me] Maybe. Probably. But now, this month, we can use Pre-S.eed!!!

I'm out of ovulation predictor sticks. When my girlfriend suggested multiple testing during one month, I went through four sticks and finished out the box I bought three months ago. I can't bring myself to go to the store and pick up some more. I'm now in the "either it works or it doesn't work" mode.

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