Monday, May 3, 2010

Lowered Expectations

For conception attempt #6, I decided to expect my period just like I did for the seventeen years before trying to conceive (you'll notice I am not a fan of acronyms or text-type talk.) Wow, I've been fertile for seventeen years and now I'm surprised by how hard it is to get pregnant? I'm sure we've all wondered why, in public school, no one mentioned that getting pregnant is not that easy for us older than 30. (More on my thoughts on the conspiracy of the government disseminating health information later.) I make exceptions for one of my good friends who recently gave birth to a gorgeous daughter; she told me that it took just two months to conceive. She's super sweet and well-deserving! Unlike me. :(

So, in expecting my period (I'm now twelve days post-peak which is my magic number) in the next day or so, I told my husband that I was going to try and keep it together this month. Since I met my husband, my PMS (OK, just one acronym) has gotten worse. He thinks it's just me but I told him this can't be possible. Now that we're man and wife and spend lots of time together every day, his sometime irritating behavior or worse can send me over the edge. Screaming, crying, weeping, was all part of my repertoire. He told me I was irritable; I told him he was irritating.

Although, I've been a real champ this time. I have yet to shed a tear in the last few days. I did raise my voice today after he cancelled our lunch date and asked me what there was to eat at home. I told him I made manicotti for us; he told me he couldn't possibly eat that because he's "limiting his carb intake." Yes, that made me mad. He couldn't muster a "thanks, dear for making me lunch." I gave him another try.

Mastering PMS gives me something constructive to do other than worry about not getting pregnant for a sixth time.

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