Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Information is power

I'm not into pithy aphorisms. I don't believe you can come up with short phrases to give you rules to live by. That said, I do firmly believe that information is power. The more I know about the mechanics and components of a situation, the better I can function to get my ultimate result.

I'm pushing "The Baby Business" again, not because I'm affiliated or know the author but this is the only book I know of that gives the history of infertility treatments and the history of adoption in America and abroad. I have an BA in economics which really says nothing for my practical knowledge of economic systems, but it does mean I care about supply, demand, and cost.

I read the book because I wanted to know what reproductive endocrinologists were pushing and what they expected in terms of demand. I liken engaging assisted reproductive technology (ART) with buying a wedding dress.

My wedding dress purchase experience was AWFUL until I found my perfect dress on Eb.ay. The two boutiques I went to said the dresses fit my personality, I was the most beautiful bride, ever, I'm the skinniest bride, ever. All of which was not true and thank God my self-awareness allows me to see through sales BS. Even though my wedding was nine months away when I was in these shops, they told me, "You have to order it NOW!" "Why, my wedding is nine months away?" "It's just better to do it as early as possible." I didn't bite (sort of) and I became very aware of the pressure young women feel when it comes to looking good on your wedding day and having a little bebe.

So, I think the book's given me a ton of tools to fight (not on the moral, ethical, or religious principles I already know) ART from an sales and economic perspective. All things cost and I want to know before I get into the doctor's beautifully baby picture decorated waiting room.

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