Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jerk Contractors

How did I let a landscape contractor make me cry? We had plans drawn up for a backyard landscaping job. We gave the plans to three contractors to get bids. One independent contractor came off as aloof and bored by the job. He didn't ask us any questions when he came to the house. He looked around the backyard for five minutes, didn't unroll the plans to take a look, and left.

All the bids came in three times higher than we thought so we modified the scope to bring the costs down. The jerk contractor's price went down only $1,300 after we did a major down scope. He called me this morning with the new bid. I asked why it only went down by a small amount. He said the labor is still the same and that the materials were expensive. He quoted a price on simple garden blocks for $3. I told him we priced them at $1.29. Apparently, this comment pissed him off.

He said that's what the price is for him to get the materials. I asked him to fax his quote. He said, "I don't fax bids to people." And, "I won't break the bid out so you can bid me against other contractors." I never said to him we were looking at other contractors. I was about to say something and he quit on me. Jerk said, "I'm sorry it didn't work out." And hung up.

I called my husband to explain what happened. Husband kind of giggled and said, "How do you always piss people off?" I know he was trying to make a joke because he loves to reinforce to me how universally loved he is and I'm so aggressive and forthright, it puts people off. But this was not the right time for jokes, in my opinion.

I let a half hour go by and called my husband back to explain how I was looking for support, not to be mocked and he hurt my feelings. I barely uttered my first sentence when I started to cry (in my office at work). I turned away from the door but I was seriously sobbing. Contractor is an asshole and off my list.

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