Monday, May 17, 2010

NaPro Technology and Age

In thinking about the Creighton fertility manual and their study of 50 couples achieving pregnancy at a rate of 76% in the first month of trying, I'm curious as to why age is not addressed in their studies or the narrative. They call infertility as symptom of an underlying disease, but is getting old a disease? I'm playing devil's advocate here because when we go through public school and get the obligatory se.x education talk in health class, talking about declining fertility with age is never mentioned. I understand that fertility doesn't drop off a cliff for every single woman at 35 (I have a friend that conceived naturally at 43 and delivered a healthy girl) but shouldn't there be some mention that conception is not easy?

I know I was fooling myself for a long time. My husband and I joked that I'd get pregnant the first month and we were doing precision life planning because of that. We had to have the new house purchased by this date, had to get all the extreme sports vacations complete by that date, had to have enough vacation and sick time collected at work by this date. Well, good news is that I have a lot of vacation and sick time built up by now.

My life's been on track and all major life events have happened at the socially accepted times. Have people told women like me that starting a family will take time and not according to my schedule and I just didn't listen?

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