Friday, May 21, 2010

OK, I've got to vent

One of my husband's friends (Peter) is coming to town with his girlfriend tomorrow. Peter and my husband set up a day of activities without consulting me. I've been putting this out of my mind but now the inevitable is happening. I have a love/hate relationship with Peter. He's nice and we get along, but he's not a Christian and does not share our values. He works in banking and managed my husband's investments before we were married and now manages some of our joint accounts.

In any dispute, I'm confident Peter would take my husband's side against me which poisons me against him. Peter's an avowed life-long bachelor. I do not trust men that are life-long bachelors. In my childhood, I was always around family men and always found them to be loving, caring, and supportive people. I assume bachelors are the opposite. Peter invited my husband and me on an overseas trip in 2011. He phrased the invitation, "please come with me and whoever I'm dating at that time." I really want to tell his girlfriend he said this but my husband would probably beat me with a cane. I'd kidding but he'd be very mad at me.

Anywho, I was tasked with finding a restaurant to eat at tomorrow with them. I told my husband that I was making the reservation for 5pm and he said he and Peter had decided to eat dinner at 6pm. "I can't spend seven hours with those people!" And the fight started.

We took a break and I knew that if I didn't retreat in this situation, we'd fight about this all evening. So, I swallowed my pride (I hate doing that) and told my husband I'm sorry and that I'd improve my attitude. Pray for me, please that I get through tomorrow. :)

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