Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comparing myself

Before my wedding, I agreed to a one year moratorium on baby-making attempts. My husband said he needed time to learn how to be a husband before he could be a dad. Sounded fine at that time, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if that one year would have made the difference for us.

In order to console myself, I started doing research on public figures and comparing their age at first pregnancy. The easiest people to do this with are royalty because their biographical data is readily available. I came across Crown Princess Mary of Denmark before my wedding because I was looking for hairstyle ideas. At right is her hairdo at said wedding. Notice the big fake bun under the veil. My matron of honor kindly talked me out of this hairstyle but I continued to follow Mary's goings-on.

She was married at age 32 and 3 months. She got pregnant just before her 33rd birthday. So, if they were trying since the wedding, that took nine months to get pregnant. I've still got hope if I can irrationally compare myself to another woman.

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