Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adoration Chapel

My husband has been going to adoration chapel once a week for a few years now. I usually accompany him or substitute when he can't attend. He does the rosary and I practice lectio divina. I learned about lectio divina at a Presbyterian Church I attended in my college days. I'm really surprised I don't hear about it more in my parish or other Catholic venues. It's a wonderful way to pray and meditate on God's Word.

Last night, I meditated on Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God." I'm working on trusting God's will first and not on Him granting my wants and desires. Although, I really want to have a family with my husband, I'm trying to display spiritual discipline.

But, it is very hard. I'm now P+4 and although during attempt no. 6, I told myself I would just expect my period so the event wouldn't be so emotionally painful, I've gotten off that idea. I really want this time to be successful. The CM was great this month and we used P-2 and the peak day, so I'm hoping we hit the correct moments. I had right ovulatory pain on the peak day so Lord, please be with me. I really hope it works this time.

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  1. When you figure it out-teach me! What an awesome method of prayer!