Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I think that's my bra size, but since I only bother to wear one at work, church, and sometimes out in public, I can't really remember.  It was a revelation to find an article about lingerie for super small breasted women.  Everything they said in the article, I've said.  Yes!  I wear deep v-neck blouses with no fear of any inappropriate cleavage.  It's freedom!  I feel bolstered.  If you're petite in that department, too, you might find the article interesting.


  1. GASP! THANK YOU!!!!! For years I've complained about a lack of 28Bs in the world. At least- I think that's what I used to be... But the lack of smaller band sizes has killed me! When i got married I had the HARDEST time finding a white silky slip to wear. I couldn't believe it! I finally paid a fortune for one. I can get bras that fit decently at Victoria's secret- but far too quickly teh band stretches out causign the cups to gap and driving me CRAZY! THANKS! :)

  2. Hey Lauren, yes it's a struggle for the small girls. I've had luck at my local department stores but that's with bralettes I tend to favor since underwire bothers me. I hope you can find something good on the websites the article suggests. :)

  3. That's awesome. I spent many years and tons of money on useless bras trying to convince myself I was a B (or higher). The jig is up. ;)

    I can't believe there are "k-cups" now.