Monday, September 27, 2010

And we'll all ride on OK

Here's my favorite picture from the San Francisco trip.  Hopefully, I'll get even better ones in New York.

Since my post about how terrible work had become, I made some significant progress.  Very long, complicated story made short and oversimplified, I'm on the verge of moving to a new section within the company.  Although, I'm unsure how much freedom the new boss will give me, it's a risk worth taking given how patently awful my current boss is.  

I'm in the market for a motorcycle.  I've wanted to ride for nearly a decade now and got my license four years ago but never practiced or bought a bike.  Now, I'm back on track and ready to hit the streets.  I saw an online listing from a woman seller.  She said she bought the bike about a year ago, and two weeks later found out she was pregnant.  I told my husband about this and he said, "THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!"  I'm not holding my breath, just having other things to think about besides infertility is a wonderful blessing.  

Don't let stress get you down, ladies.  Get out there, do good, and have fun!   


  1. How cool is that? Enjoy the motorcycle! I think you and Joy Beyond the Cross have the right idea-one should never wait to start living! Glad it worked out to change jobs!

  2. FUN! My sister-in-law and brother just got motorcycles and they love them! They just went riding through the Blue Ridge Mountain range and loved it:) Do what your heart desires...BUT WEAR A HELMET:)