Monday, September 13, 2010

Work sucks (for more people than just me)

Several weeks ago, JBTC wrote a great post about her work situation.  I did a cursory search and can't seem to find that post but maybe she'll give me a boost and provide the link. ;)  Update: I found it!

It's no surprise that in this economy many Americans are unhappy with their jobs.  I'm hard pressed to think of anyone I know who's content with where they work and what they're working on.  And it hits every career segment.  I have Ph.D friends don't want to teach college anymore.  I have attorney friends that don't want to lawyer anymore.  I have people in service jobs that can't stand it anymore.  So, I'm not alone.

I get paid reasonably well and the benefits are quite good.  I don't feel totally robbed, compensation-wise.  I also have a lot of autonomy and freedom to do what I want. (I'm starting to feel guilty about beginning to complain.)  The director of my small management team does not hold team meetings of any kind.  I have to go way out of my way to understand what my colleagues are working on.  My director's director does not give any notice of meetings with clients, vendors, partners so we're typically pulled into meetings at the last minute with no time for preparation.  The last several months, I've been dropped completely from the biggest partnership initiative.  Dead dropped. (I don't feel guilty about complaining anymore.)

When it comes to the projects I do manage, I send regular emails with my recommendations, analyses, general interest stuff and 99% of the time, I get no response from anyone in the company.  Just typing these emails makes me bored stiff and feel like crap thinking that nobody cares.  Because they don't.

Last week, I asked my director's director to include me on key meetings that have something, anything to do with one of my projects.  He responded, "well, you know how busy my schedule is."  This comment was indicative of the kind of manager he is, a shitty one.  My work life is a joke.  But what is really getting me curious is what my annual evaluation is going to say.  It's coming up, I think this month and given I see my supervisor on average of three days a month and it's just to chit chat, he doesn't give me any work or ask me about mine.

I want and need another job.  Unfortunately, lots of other people want better jobs, being married to a man who makes more than me and has far more work experience than I limits my ability to move for a better job, and I live in an exurb where there aren't very many jobs, compared to a large city.

Wow, all this and it's only 10:20am. ;)  


  1. Sorry that work is a downer at this time. Is there a possibility you could transition to a different position, one with more challenge? I found a change of scenery was very helpful for me (I was up for a rotation anyway), and although I still have my moments, just the sheer newness of my new position has helped remove some of the stress - or at least given me something different to focus on. Would you ever consider going part time or staying home? Maybe get involved in some volunteer activities. Oh, I forgot to ask - how did things turn out with your husband's job issue a few weeks ago - I hope everything is better! God Bless! St. Joseph, pray for us!

  2. That's a great suggestion about rotation. I'm thinking heavily about that but concern that I might give up the current freedom I enjoy and helps me slip out to doctor appointments when necessary. I can't and don't really want to give up my job, it gives me some place to go and we have some major financial commitments right now. But, only the good stuff; capital items. ;)