Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We built this city on rock and roll

We're heading off to San Francisco tonight for a few days.  I haven't been there since 2006 and never with my husband so I'm very excited.  I also used to live there so it'll be fun to head back to the old haunts.  We'll be there at the same time with a friend who lives in our town so we've arranged to have dinner together on Thursday.  I wanted to find a nice place with great food, not expensive (since I don't want to pay someone's rent through their food), and not too pretentious.  I found an Italian seafood tappas place.  I read some reviews that the portions were very small and you had to order enough food to break your budget to feel well fed.  I also wasn't terribly excited because during my DC days, tappas were a total fad.  I couldn't go to a happy hour without them.

I told my husband about the place last night and I asked him if small portions would bother him.  He just looked at me, raised his eyebrow ever so slightly, and gently nodded.  So, I'm planning on leading the group to Pl.uto's, order at the counter, no reservations, and super good food.