Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Round Up

Laparoscopy is exactly seven weeks away.  I would be experiencing a lot of anticipation but New York City is two and a half weeks away so that's where my excitement lies.  I'm sure I'll feel different when we return.  I guess the hospital is excited since they called me for registration yesterday.  Dr. Stige.n assures me that I will feel well enough to return to work by the following Monday, which is my absolute goal.  The thought of abdominal surgery gives me the heebie jeebies, but I'm running out of options here.

Since I gave up charting, I feel as if I've reclaimed a large part of my mental health.  Less stress, less tension; those are very good things.  I'm on CD 28 today and don't have a clue when the peak day was.  My last cycle was 25 days and I've had a max deviation of six days on total calendar days (I'm losing it again.)  Either way, I'm not expecting anything.

I'm a bit discouraged that we're approaching a full year of TTC.  After a couple months, I was determined to jump on testing and any treatment.  Looking back not too far, all my testing fell within July and August.  It was a bit of a struggle to get my first two doctors, Dr. Douche and Dr. Bagg.ot to take me seriously.  They wanted to just prescribe Clomid and test for heavy metals, respectively.  What a waste.  But, after meeting Dr. Del.gado and Dr. Stig.en in June and July, we were back on track.

I really feel like parenthood is in God's plan for us.  Just have to be patient but still work on solutions.  

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