Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putt putt

So, gas prices are going way up in California.  I'm not sure if it's everywhere in California, perhaps you can share what's happening in your state/city?  This is the second time since I've been married that prices have approached $4.00.  My husband is very cost conscious which I used to see as wholly aggravating but now I tend to look at it in a more relaxed manner as his penchant for saving does create good things for us.  However, the first time, he used a dictatorial tone when telling me I shouldn't go grocery shopping at my favorite specialty shop about 8 miles from our house because it would waste gas.  He would insist on carpooling for mundane errands in town.  I don't know what he did that ultimately made me feel like I was in prison with someone trying to control my every move, but I remember laying down the law telling him not to restrict my food buying activities, ever. ;)

I think I'll be able to handle the situation with a little more humor this time.  And it also helps that I'm moving to a more stable attitude about things I want.  I used to have no trouble driving miles out of my way to pick up a items I really want like a poor boy sandwich or a six-pack of Grol.sch.  Four dollars-schmore dollars.  But now I'm pretty much content with staying home and eating dried pasta if that's the only thing in the cupboard.  Thank goodness I've got way more than that!!!


  1. Prices here in south Alabama are about $3.22 a gallon. But then again, isn't everything in Cali more expensive. Wow. $4.00 is alot!!

  2. Yes, they have gone up like crazy in KS, but still of course cheaper than yours. We are about $3.30/gallon-ridiculous! And i have a penny pinching hubby as well, and I agree sometimes it hurts but I am more laid back about it now, as it does provide nice things...double edged sword :)