Monday, February 28, 2011


I just saw Dr. Douche.  It was a follow-up to a prescription to treat a bladder infection I thought I had last week.  The office prescribed it without a test even though I offered to take one, they said it wasn't necessary.  But, strangely this was the first infection I'd ever had (and I've had dozens) that I wasn't sure it was a UTI.  Faint pain, that was it.  But, of course the antibiotic was appreciated and helpful.

Anyhoo, he didn't mention it at the sush.i place, but he asked if I am pregnant.  I said no.  He asked why not and he thought this "was a project."  I told him about the laparoscopy in November and what she found and that I've taken Clomi.d and it's evil and now I'm leaving it up to God.  He just looked at me askance and said, "Hmmmm."  He then told me to get ready for Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday starting tomorrow and I informed him that it's actually next week.  I loved making him look uninformed!


  1. That's so crazy that the doctor didn't even want to check if you had a UTI!!!! It's nothing to pee in a cup and check! Sheesh!

  2. Wow...I'm surprised by that!

    Wait...where are you from?? You celebrate Mardi too!!! Or were you just stating a point.
    Just curious!! B.c if you live near me, we must meet!!

  3. Girlfriend, are you in CA? I thought you are in the mid West?