Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ash Wednesday recap

We survived it!  Although we needed a cosmopolitan at the end of day to get through it.  We attended one of the evening services and it was really cool when one of our ministers of hospitality friends asked the hubby and me to bring the bread and wine to the altar.  It was very touching to be able to do that in front of that many people (around 600) and I'm very grateful for the blessing our favorite priest gave us as we handed him the gifts.  God has a wonderful way of turning around a bad day!

For Lent, we've decided to give up going out to eat.  If someone invites us, that's OK but we won't initiate it for ourselves.  Since eating at restaurants is one of my favorite things, this will be appropriately challenging for me.

There won't be any conception attempt this month.  My husband is under too much work pressure right now and even I can't/won't push him.  I did tell him that I was very disappointed we couldn't try this cycle but I wasn't blaming him and I understand the things he's going through so it's all OK.  He thanked me for being understanding.  I'm sure glad I didn't push because his employees screwed up royally this morning after I got to work and I think allowing the hubby to go on his merry way this morning probably helped him, I hope.

So, I'm trying to take the long view and remind myself in my weak moments that it's all in God's time.


  1. Proud of you for being considerate and unselfish about his work situation. I would like to say that I would do the same but I don't know...that would be hard.

    What a wonderful thing to bring up the gifts!! I want to do that soon:) We never get asked though. Maybe I can ask instead!

  2. Oh and going out to dinner, esp b.c we don't have kids, is one of my major weaknesses!

  3. Don't know if I could have been as understanding as you...can't fit one day around peak???? Ok, ill stop.

    We did the gifts too! And my luck..the day I wear sweats to church..yes sweatpants and sweatshirt...a huge slob!

    I llooovvvee going out to eat...beat you will be saving some serious $$$ too.

  4. We love going out to eat too! It's such a temptation, especially after a long week of work!