Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Your Style?

  1. I've made an observation on folks commenting on my blog recently.  They seem to fall into two different categories (although there are exceptions, of course), those who offer support/ideas on the life details I share and those who only seem to care about challenging my opinions on abortion.  I like to think I'm multi-faceted and hope people find the diversity here interesting.  I'd get bored with only posting my political and social positions or just talking about where I am in my cycle, etc.  I appreciate comments and don't get easily offended by differing opinions, I just don't like it when people put ideas and words in my mouth.  I understand that blogs are very public and hope that people who don't comment find useful information here.  Yes, some people can get through NaPro and not be cured.  I'm a shining example!
  2. My poor husband said that yesterday was the worst day he'd had in four or five years.  That period predates me so I'm selfishly grateful and very happy that I was not demanding with him yesterday.  
  3. I'm still growing my hair out although I have moments where I want to shave it off out of sheer frustration. This topic actually deserves it's own blog post.
  4. I realized this morning that Lent lasts until April 20th?  Is that right?  I think this not going out for food might be more difficult than I realize.  I'm already thinking about lunch especially given I can't eat meat.


  1. I think people's reasons for commenting are as varied as the individual. Lately, I read a lot more than I is just a phase I am in. But honestly, I don't exactly know what your view on abortion is, maybe you could clarify - or maybe I just missed a post about it. I know my recent comment was about your experience at a recent pregnancy care center fundraiser, but I don't know if that was a clear statement of your beliefs on abortion.

    Anyway, Lent officially ends at the beginning of the Holy Thursday Mass, when they ring the bells (aka the start of the Tridium). I think that falls on April 21st.

    One thing I am curious about - your conversion story. I understand you are a convert. What brought you in the Catholic Church? Maybe I missed that post as well. My bad if I did. I am always intrigued and full of great respect for converts. Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend. God Bless!

  2. I tend to try and not get involved in hot-topic issues (like abortion) because I get upset too easily and take it personally most of the time. But that's just me.

    Glad that you made the right choice with your DH! That's always a good feeling :)

  3. I don't comment much (not just here but in general), but I read! I like your blog.

    Now I will drift back into silence. :)

  4. I'm here. I guess I comment mostly on bloggers' current situations.