Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lent Resolution Check-In

We're two weeks into Lent and I've (we've) strayed a total of three times.  To re-cap, we decided to not go out to eat during Lent for all meals.  The exceptions are, if someone invites us out, that's OK and if we're away from home and have to eat, go ahead and buy something.  The first time I cheated, I was just being temperamental and drinking a margarita alone in a Mexican restaurant was quite a revelation.  We did go out for St. Patrick's Day and then again for lunch on Monday but my boss invited me, but I still consider that a stray.

I just got my period and I think that means this cycle was pretty short.  I didn't chart and only checked the dates a couple times this cycle but I guessed I'd be at 28 days on Friday.  So, and this is just a guess, my cycle ended yesterday, was it only 25 days?  The suspense will remain until I get home to check my excel chart.

I'm really hoping we can make something happen this cycle.  I really dread going to another Easter family event with no pregnancy, but that's the way it goes.  It's seriously depressing with no children in the family (that's close by) and everyone just keeps getting older and talks about the same things at every holiday.


  1. My shortest cycle ever was 17 days--it totally threw me off! Prayers and hugs <3

  2. I have the opposite problem...longer cycle for me this month. Weird! Ovulation occurred on CD 25. Random.

    Totally am with you on the whole Easter/no kids thing. Maybe...just maybe.