Monday, February 28, 2011

Response to comments on my last post

I very much appreciate the comments to yesterday's post.  While I write primarily to share my personal feelings, I am thankful for the feedback.  That said, I did not mean to hurt or misconstrue the sincere motives of those of you who work and volunteer in those kinds of services.  I believe the work is valuable and applaud women of conviction acting on those convictions.

When I was taking speech courses in college, I did learn that you must speak the truth.  Lying to people in order to manipulate your audience violates the code you have with them.  I'm not saying I know the speaker in question lied to us, but my experience and gut tell me it's highly possible.  And I stand by my belief she should have demonstrated compassion towards a woman in her midst who says she's been raped.  Just as there are crisi.s pre.gnancy coun.seling cen.ters, there are services available to rape victims that deal with very serious issues.  Rape is a crime in this country and I thank God we take it much more seriously here than most other countries.  I think the speaker on Sunday should have paid it heed.

Naturally I'm in a position where my main readers are faithful to all Catholic Church teachings and when I challenge that or am sometimes critical, I understand I'll upset you.  But, I will tell you the truth, I promise and obviously I speak from my convictions and experience.  I do very much admire the work of those assisting others.  I don't see myself coming completely in line with pro-life thinking.  I just find my passions and convictions are better suited to other causes.


  1. I felt compelled to comment on your last post too, but I decided that JBTC and WR said it better than I could have.

    However, I have decided to challenge you on your reasoning for assuming that the speaker was altering the facts of the story.
    First, I'm not sure why the other lady's comment about many women becoming pregnant during affairs has any connection to the woman in the story.
    Also, I feel like the term assault is just as clear as the term rape. I guess I don't understand why using the word assault down plays the scenario... since a baby resulted in the assault, it was obviously sexual, and I don't find that term any less jarring than the term rape.
    Furthermore, if the point of the story was to focus on how the pregnancy center helped couple come to terms with everything and keep the baby, then I don't understand why any mention of police, arrest of the suspect, prison etc would be in context. It sounds to me like the story was not about the play by play into the rape investigation.

    Also, were you implying that because the pregnancy center counselled the woman against abortion in a case of rape, that they demonstrated a lack of compassion?

    I don't think it's any great leap even for pro lifers to understand why abortion SEEMS like a the logical conclusion for rape victims. Rape is a horrible trauma, and it is one of my greatest fears...

    However, in reality, abortion only adds a second victim to an already vicious crime, and it only create further turmoil for the mother. It really isn't the right answer when it all plays out.

    I guess I feel like your preconceived notions about this type of center colored your perspective on the speaker.

    Anyway, maybe I'm wrong, since I obviously wasn't there, and perhaps I am just an eternal optimist, but I agree with the other ladies that crisis pregnancy centers to so much good, and they need our support!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Megan. I didn't point out before but want to make sure there's an understanding pregnancy can be prevented (albeit not sanctioned by the Church) after intercourse by using the so-called morning after pill. It's offered OTC in California and I strongly suspect hospitals treating rape victims offer said pills to the patient.

  3. Airing, the morning after pill also works as an abortifacient if conception has already taken place. Abortion is never a morally licit option. I know your heart is in the right place, but if you stray from the bedrock Christian principle that the ends don't justify the means, then we get into all types of moral quandaries, some quite extensive and destructive.

  4. Leila, by "you" I'm assuming you mean "one." I never said the ends justify the means however, what you said is that "abortion is never a morally licit option." What you've stated previously is that you believe abortion should never be a legally licit option. So, what you espouse to womankind is that, 'tough luck, you as the weaker sex can be impregnated against your will and the state will force you to give birth to a child you never intended to conceive. I'm so sorry you had the unfortunate luck of being born a girl.' Yes, my response is strong but I believe some folks commenting here are entrenched.