Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Very Confused

Last night I had a tiny bit of 10KL.  And it was only CD6.  I just discovered I have crazy, crazy amounts of 10KL and it's only CD7.  I just finished (three days ago) 21 days of Biaxin, I'm on day 5 of Clomid, and I've been taking Fertile CM three times a day since Sunday.  I have never, not ever in the last three years of using NFP, had 10KL (copious amounts) this early in my cycle.  I was going to suggest lovemaking to my stud at home later today but now it looks like a must.  Maybe I should use one of my OPKs tonight?


  1. an early ovulation is very possible. Take advantage!

    It might also mean that the antibiotic is still having an effect on your CM and that the Fertile CM is doing its job very very well and that you are starting a longer and great fertile phase.

    If you see it lasting several days you can go on a day yes and one day no BD schedule making sure to cover the 2 days after your peak.

    Praying for you!!!

  2. In my 14 cycles of charting, I had one cycle that went from red stickers to white baby (10KL), my Fertility care provider told me that "it happen", I peaked on CD13 that month, I usually peak CD 16 CD17..good luck on the clomid!

  3. DTD! Hahaha!! Don't suggest, seduce! :) I've been praying for you. I hope it works! Eeek! I'm excited for you!