Thursday, February 10, 2011

Break on Wednesday

It's so nice to take a random Wednesday off work.  We left early yesterday to watch friends of ours compete in a motor race.  And we got home by 1:30pm so instead of going back to work (well, I did reply to a few work related emails) I cleaned up around the house and baked cupcakes.  I went for a cake mix this time as I was shaken by the poor taste of my last made-from-scratch chocolate cake.  At least the frosting this time was from scratch.

A true test of priorities for sanity came yesterday.  I have a lingering ye.ast in.fection (damn you, Biaxin) so even though I'm in the potential ovulation time zone (although five days of Clomid finally killed my CM even though I'm taking Ferti.le C.M) I decided to treat the infection rather than hold out hope for BDing.  My husband made a funny joke about switching priorities in that department if you get my drift.  It feels good to not try this month and I don't really feel bad about ditching any opportunities Clomid might have created.


  1. Have you tried taking a probiotic? My naturopath put me on a good quality probiotic when I was on heavy-duty antibiotics and it made such a difference.