Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healing Mass

I'm planning on attending a healing Mass tonight.  Has anyone else attended something like this?  Any advice you can give me?


  1. I am sorry that I saw this so late. I have been and they have been incredible.

    A couple were with people linked to the charismatic movement. they were very emotional but very very healing. I was able to experience many things by the Holy Spirit.

    Another was with the benedictines and they had a relic from St. Benedict that they placed on our foreheads after Mass. It was also beautiful.

    I think God delivers what we need at these masses. Peace, healing and/or strenght.

    Hope you received these gifts.

  2. Never been to one. I would probably be an emotional freek at one. Let me know how it goes...I'm interested. Maybe I need this.