Friday, February 4, 2011

For the record

I hate to disappoint but I'm writing this more out of a need to record to remember what my last cycle on Clomid felt like.  For the first four days, I was elated.  Truly happy and was jumping around and feeling super grateful.  Perhaps that was a manic phase.  Then on day five of the Clomid, something snapped.  I went from happy and content to a very bad place in about two minutes.  Too bad my husband was around to witness it.  He kept telling me it was the drug that was making me act like that but I told him that was not true.  I may have had some good reasons to be angry or hurt, but expressing it in the way I did was very bad.

I suppose I have no one to blame but myself (especially since I went to five days from three without consulting the doctor) but I feel resentful that I was prescribed a drug that I might not have needed.  It was more for convenience, I believe.  Mine or hers or both.  So, I'm happy to be back to feeling normal but left with great remorse over what I did.

So, me and Clomid are over.  Finito.  My constitution and drugs are not a good match.  I can't do it, fertility drugs are not for me.  I guess that will save me money at the very least and at the most, help me to not be a friggin' jerk.


  1. Femara is so much better than Clomid, at least in my experience. Clomid made me crazy woman. I had to ask for Femara because I refused to take Clomid.

    You do have options!

  2. I second that, I heard horror stories about clomid and emotions...I took Femara and I dealt with hot flashes and some pain- both went away.

    I am sorry that clomid did a number on you!!

  3. I have heard a lot of people react this way to that...yikes! Try what JB said...

  4. Yes, I have also heard about the emotional rollercoasters Clomid can put you on. Maybe try Femera as JB recommended next time if you are up for it. (Hoping & praying this is it for you though!!)

  5. Just wanted to chime in with, everyone has their limits. I had a friend with PCOS go through Napro treatment and she had to stop once the suicidal thoughts started happening. She was generally a happy person and we all DO have limits on what's worth it. They're now home study approved after 3 years of no ovulation and are very happy. I try to keep them in mind and remember that not all couples are the same.