Friday, January 7, 2011

A Smattering

  1. My out-of-depression manic stage is over.  It last about two days. :)  I think I'm now just out of depression.  The mania was brought on primarily because I moved offices at work to be closer to my new boss.  It's a window office which I generally find distracting because I can see which of the big guns are arriving late to work.  The last window office I had was in DC but that was at the corner of 17th St and Connecticut which was way more exciting than what I have now.  But, I'm not one to complain (most of the time.)
  2. The husband has been cracking some really good jokes lately.  Too personal to share (the jokes tend to focus on my serial dating life) but they do put me in a good mood (and help to not take myself seriously, which I desperately need.)
  3. I bought some shoes that are to die for!  They are a work of art I can barely imagine actually wearing them outside.  They are Sergio Rossi handmade in Spain.  I tried to find a photo on the web but it looks like the shoe is sold out everywhere.  I found them 60% off.  I've never owned shoes like this; it's really an incredible experience, if you're a shoe girl.
  4. To go along with the mania, I started a 10 day workout challenge.  I work out pretty regularly anyway (3-4 times a week), but this program is every day.  I'm five days in and already tired of it.  I started it because I did gain some holiday excess pounds (too much cheese and cosmopolitans).  Total weight loss is 3.4 lbs since Monday.  My goal was to lose five lbs. but if I lose more that's fine.  It really depends on how much I eat during the day.  Deprivation has never been my thing.  I've tried fasting in the past and that just made me crazy.  Here's a short preview of the three workout DVDs, in case you're interested.  Karen Voight is my all-time favorite instructor.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I really need to stop testing..its driving me crazy! I enjoyed reading your story...I will be following ya and hoping for a non-medical, natural bfp!