Monday, January 31, 2011

I guess Biaxin did it's thing.

If the Biaxin was to rid me of tail-end brown bleeding at least temporarily, it did that.  I did not want to take it and suffered from the nasty drug taste in my mouth for 21 days straight.  I took my last pill this morning (Praise God!)  Now on day 5 of AF, everything's been super bright red.  Should that make me feel good?

My husband was away this weekend and I made the executive decision to take Clomid this cycle.  I'm going to take it for five days, not the prescribed three.  Yes, I'm going rogue but what the hey?  And now it's back to charting.  If the Clomid doesn't work this cycle, my relationship with it is over.

I feel bad in that I'm at the end of the NaPro infertility testing protocol (minus the follicular ultrasound series) and I don't have anything to add to the blogosphere in that regard.  I feel stranded in an ever shrinking world of NFP users that NFP did not help in diagnosing infertility.  I wish Dr. St.igen would just call it "unexplained infertility" and be done with it.  Where's the compassion?  None of the doctors/nurses call me to check in.  It's like, send us your P+7 and if we don't get it, we don't care.

My husband asked me what I wanted to do if we still can't get pregnant doing what we're doing.  I told him I wasn't doing IVF (because that's just crazy) and I'm not jazzed about IUI since there is nothing to suggest bypassing the cervix would be of any benefit to us.  So, it's just back to life.


  1. I am glad the biaxin helped. Are you going to continue taking it the first ten days of every cycle so it keeps the TEBB away? That is how it was scripted for us.

  2. So glad that the Biaxin helped! I also had the weird metallic taste when I took it which was so gross!

  3. Stay positive. The Biaxin helping you is so big! I'm probably going to have to do what Wheelbarrow mentioned at the beginning of each cycle. I saw how much it worked so that encouraged me. Hugs oh and I never had that metallic taste...werid!

  4. Good Luck with clomid...sending prayers!!!

  5. Hey ladies, no, Biaxin is a one shot deal for me. I can't make it a recurring event in my life. But, I did enjoy no TEBB, if it was only once!!!