Friday, January 21, 2011


I have a infec.tion.  Maybe I was getting cocky that I'd gone so many months without one since using PreSe.ed.  I remember vaguely reading a comment about taking probiotics while on Biaxin.  It went one ear and out the other.  I ignored the itchiness for five days, it wasn't all that bad except for this morning while attempting sex, it knew it was bad and I knew what was causing it.

This could cause me to resent Trixie and Dr. St.igen for not checking on me or not even mentioning this could happen and prescribing diflucan but maybe they think I know better.  I should have known.  This shouldn't come as a surprise other than it's horribly annoying.  So, it's back to three days of the cream starting tonight and finding plain, no sugar added yogurt for the rest of the Biaxin treatment.  I barely could take the pill this morning.


  1. Oh sad. I HATE those. They are the most uncomfortable dirty things ever. Sorry dear. That was me that told you about probiotics. No worries. I hope you are feeling back to normal down there soon!

  2. You're not an idiot!!! It has happened to all of us!!!