Thursday, January 13, 2011


I cancelled the appointment with my psychiatrist for tomorrow.  It didn't seem like it was worth the trouble.  I feel fine, generally.  Headaches come and go but I think that's because of work stress and forcing myself to get to work when the office opens.  Normally, I arrive anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes late.  But, now with the new division, I feel obligated to show up on time since I'm the third highest ranking person.  I've got my window office and some people display some jealousy.  I try to deflect it saying that the window just allows me to witness distracting scenes, but they don't buy it.  I'm more easily distracted than most, I guess.

I was asked by one staff member to give a kind of executive education talk at the staff meeting this afternoon.  I spent about twenty minutes preparing, writing an outline of what I was going to say.  Well, another speaker took the entire friggin' hour.  I was pissed.  I can't take all the chatter.  My husband just called and I told him I was really looking forward to coming home tonight.  I definitely need to get away from this overstimulating environment often.

I heard some very sad news that I should pass on, so you can hopefully keep this couple in your prayers.  One of my husband's colleagues wife discovered the child in her womb died.  She was six months pregnant.  I believe yesterday, the doctors were going to induce the birth.  This must be particularly devastating given the advanced age of their child.  I remember when my husband told me they were pregnant.  I heard they were so excited.  Please pray if you can.


  1. My heart breaks for that couple. I will pray for them.

  2. Oh that just gave me chills and tears. What a sad story. I will pray.