Thursday, January 27, 2011

I heard a rumor

And it was that human beings actually conceive children in a woman's womb.  Have you heard about this strange phenomenon, too?  It was around the time we got engaged when we picked up a copy of The Children of Men. It's a good movie.  I'd seen in a theater when it came out but for some reason when the possibility of marriage turned into a reality, I had this premonition that infertility was coming my way.  The concept of the movie is that at some point in the future, humans would stop reproducing altogether, everybody.  And then the world war to end all wars begins.

Because I got my period today and because my husband just left for a guy's weekend, I want to cry really bad but I'm at work and did quite a job on my eye makeup and wouldn't want to mess it up.  And I'm trying very hard to be strong.  So, to lighten the mood, here's some Bananarama.

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  1. Awe deary, hugs. I had my CD1 the other day and it made my day horrible. Wish I could hug you friend:)