Monday, January 3, 2011

50 mg of Clomid is NOT a panacea

My hopes were so high when I took 50 mg of Clomid the last cycle after one cycle of 25 mg.  So, it was no surprise how upset I was that my period came like 11-post peak clock work.  Because I've been having chronic headaches for the last two weeks and the thought of more anxiety problems with Clomid was unpalatable, I told my husband that I'm not taking it this month.  Maybe next month.  I did inform Dr. S.tigen's office that I couldn't get the P+7 blood draw last month because that was Christmas day.  Why I didn't tell her that I'm skipping the Clomid this month, I can't explain.  Maybe I just didn't want to get into it....  Like, hey, ovulation stimulation is not working or at least that's not the solution.  Despite no test results to confirm its efficacy, I'm down on drugs right now.

I called the doctor mainly to ask why I should be taking the Biaxin when I don't have a bacterial infection.  I only took elementary microbiology but I know that antibiotics kill bacteria.  Everybody has good bacteria and I don't want to kill that off.  If no bad bacteria's around, what in heck is the Biaxin actually doing for me, and my husband???  I'm not seeing the logic here.

I got an appointment with my old psychiatrist for next Friday, two weeks.  I did tell the receptionist that if she had a cancellation in the meantime, I'm happy to pick that up.  The thought of seeing a doctor for something other than gynecological issues makes me absolutely giddy.  Well, maybe not giddy but at least it piques my interest.  Technically this is not a good start to 2011 but I'm working with what I've got.

I do believe God's plan.  I just wish I knew what His intentions were with me.  How can everything look so normal, and then not be?  


  1. I am sorry that the clomid hasn't worked for you yet. I am still hopeful...Dr Hilgers doesn't raise the dose any higher, but expands the number of days you take it. At least that is what I recall the office telling me.
    Biaxin was good for me and the testing for the bacteria can be expensive. If you have TEBB, it may be a sign you need it, but I suggest doing it last after all other diagnosis are worked out so you don't have to be on it long periods of time. And I would def take probiotics while you are on it to replace the good bacteria. I didn't find being on it difficult and it was very beneficial in our case, but it certainly isn't for everyone. I'd be happy to talk more about this if you'd like.

  2. I'm so sorry. Praying for you to find answers.

  3. DH and I are in the same situation with you. We actually are taking Biaxin right now along with probiotics. At this point, I'm up for trying anything. I do hope for you and pray for you. It is so true when you say "How can everything look so normal." I feel you there...