Friday, January 28, 2011

A mixed Friday

  • I met my mother at the vet this afternoon to euthanize our twenty year old cat.  We'd had Saucy since wow, I was a preteen.  She had a remarkably steady demeanor, never any stereotypical cat drama.  She lived a good life but it was heartbreaking to make the decision to end her life after seeing her deteriorate over the last several weeks.  Watching death is surreal; one moment something is alive, and then they are not.  Sad.
  • My boss remarked on the weight of a co-worker today.  She asked what so-and-so was doing to lose that much weight.  So-and-so is noticeably thinner than a few weeks ago.  My ego really rears its ugly head on this issue because I was annoyed at my boss's comment.  Perhaps jealous is the word I'm looking for.  My husband laments the fact the I need near constant affirmation but that's only because I got it as a child and I'm fully trained.  I'm also very sensitive to weight gain and although I'm (mock me, please) about two pounds over my normal, I'm miffed.  I haven't really felt thin since the surgery since I think I still have a little poof around my belly button.  Having two beers and cookies for dinner last night can't help.
  • The menstrual cramps I've had this month have been worse than I've ever felt.  Is that not totally ironic???  It's a really bad ache.  Aleve has been a close friend the last 36 hours.
Have a great weekend!  I hope it's sunny or at least not too snowy wherever you are.      


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat!!! My kitty is 13 this year and I know that one day I will have to make the same decision as you.

    We can't buy Aleve up here. I love Advil for my cramps!

  2. I hate the little poof! It's like a hotdog hanging over my scar...ugh! Go away!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. When we lost my dog from when I was 9, I lost it. It's like having a child. Hugs