Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More smatterings

I think in chunks, this I like to write this way, too.

  1. There are a lot of women in my new section at work.  I'm getting annoyed that they are constantly talking about weight loss, how to do it, which program to use, what to eat, etc.  Now this might be because it's the new year and everybody's on the resolution kick (my husband, who works out year round is always unhappy in January when the gym is bursting with people.)  However, this topic is one of the most talked about in the Western world, you'd think people would have figured it out by now.  
  2. We started the Biaxin on Monday.  I hate the drug taste in my mouth.  My husband asked me this morning if the Biaxin will prevent us from getting pregnant this month.  I told him I didn't think so and Dr. S.tigen hadn't mentioned any adverse effects.  But then they don't really communicate with me at all.
  3. I was bestowed a big, new project at work yesterday.  I'm very excited but nervous (heck, nervous is my base state.) - More on that later.
  4. My 10-day workout challenge has now stretched to 12 days.  I'm supposed to do the cardio tape five times.  Since it's not everyday, Voight's theory is that you don't get bored with it.  After three times in six days, it's very boring.  I'm trying to figure out what to do tonight.  I'll probably scrap the cardio portion of this program and do a dance routine just to switch things up.
  5. Although I'm feeling much better and not so depressed, I decided to keep my psychiatrist appointment on Friday.  If he writes a prescription, fine.  I don't have to fill it right away.  I look at this situation as insurance; a good thing.


  1. I am laughing at #1 .. and I am one of those people who start up at the new year with a new diet! lol

  2. I am on day 15 of Biaxin, along with my dh. PPVI told me that this does not affect pregnancy chances or the baby if you are pregnant. So, no worries. As far as the taste goes, I haven't noticed...watch, now I will! ha. Maybe you can trying filling your mouth with liquid first, then putting pill in and immediately swallow...that way the pill doesn't go directly on your tongue. Just an idea!

  3. I'm on the weight-loss bandwagon too! :) I haven't been talking about it though since I know I'm the only one that the extra 10lbs bothers. Btw, I blame it on the IF drugs.