Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello, ladies!  I've conquered the final chapter of NaPro infertility testing.  Dr. Stig.en did the laparoscopy on Wednesday.  I was able to recover (still recovering, actually) at a wonderful house in the O..C.  The weather was amazingly warm and the ocean air was refreshing.  The incision pain is minimal and clearly the worst part of the surgery for me was the lingering CO2 gas.  The shoulder pain sucked and the pressure on my diaphragm made me feel uber stiff.  Seventy-two hours later, I'm just starting to feel back to normal although belly bloating continues to stalk me.

Stig.en found just a tiny bit on endometriosis on my left ovary so she zapped that off.  Other than that, all the organs looked super.  However, I did have endometrial inflammation so she did some cultures during the hysteroscopy and I/the husband might be on an antibiotic later this week.  I was surprised to see in the surgery video that the ovaries are stark white.  Scary.

So, she wants me to take 25mg of Clomid next cycle.  Dr. Douche actually offered me Clomid back in January but I'm pretty confident going through this whole testing thing was worth it.  Stige.n wants me to go back to charting (yeah) and taking the FertileCM and B6.  So, hopefully Clomid won't kill my already dismal CM and the supplements might actually work this time.  Back on the bandwagon.  I should be getting my period in the next few days.


  1. I am glad you are recovering well from surgery!!! Its fast!!! my recoveries were always bad. Great news!

  2. Yeah for conquering the lap! I think this sounds like a wonderful plan too! Infection was a big piece of the puzzle for me. I hope clomid and the mucus enhancers work for you like they did for me. Lots to be hopeful about!

  3. What a great hurdle to overcome!!!!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and don't forget to walk!!!

  4. JellyBelly, yes, ma'am. I've been walking a lot and relying on Ibuprofen!

  5. I was so freeked out about my ovaries being so white too! Isn't that weird! You sound good and I hope you are not as sore today!