Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mo' Money, No Problems

I've been dying to see the bills for the laparoscopy.  Since I saw the insurance statements first and not the hospital invoice I couldn't be sure what the charges were for- doctor or nurse anesthetist.  I'm pretty sure the surgeon fee was the one around $1,200 and the anesthesia, $850.  What blew me away was the "drugs" cost, $34,000!!!!

Naturally, my insurance company paid about 5% of that cost and rejected the rest.  So, it's looking like we don't have to pick up anything for the surgery.  Praise God!  However, this does leave me in a bit of a pickle since I set aside $1,000 in my annual health savings account.  I've only claimed $200 so far and am pretty desperate in trying to come up with $800 in out-of-pocket costs.  This is a use it or lose it deal.

Either the 25mg dose was too low to do anything to my CM or Fertile CM is just totally rad, but I am having great CM these last two days.  Three days ago, my husband pledged about the sweetest thing ever, he offered to abstain until we saw fertile signs so as to give us a better chance.  I'm not getting my hopes up too high and the good thing about the surgery is, I feel like my TTC clock has been set back to zero.  Hope springs eternal.
“you may enjoy this one from the UK artist Banksy”


  1. What great news!! That would be a crazy amount to pay!

    Yay for fertile CM!

  2. The Fertile CM supplement rocks my world!

  3. I heart Fertile CM. I'm placing my bets there.

  4. Oh my gosh- can you imagine paying that much for the meds???? Praise God you don't have to!

  5. Thank goodness for insurance! Fertile CM keep it up!

  6. Praise God for insurance and fertile CM!! ;)