Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to regular news

During a meeting today, it occurred to me that I need to be doing P+7 blood draws.  That might have been today.  Since I have a meeting with my boss in 27 minutes, I'm not terribly inclined to reschedule the meeting and rush home to get the draw order and rush to Ques.t and hope I'm back for adoration chapel at 5.  And I frankly don't want to call Trixie and ask her if P+8 will suffice.  I think I'll let this month slide.  A few days ago, my husband asked me if I thought I got pregnant this month.  I told him "no, I don't think so," because I'm not confident in the 25mg Clomid dose.  Sure, I'm using anecdotal evidence (which I despise), but I'm putting faith in 50mg as this one person I know got pregnant on the 50mg dose.


  1. Peak +8 is okay. I've done it more than once!

  2. Dear JellyBelly,

    I skipped the blood draw entirely. Couldn't bring myself to do it. Next month, though.