Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost Better

Trixie called last Friday and said the endometrial cultures came back negative.  However, the doctor still wants both me and the husband to take a 21-day course of antibiotics.  My husband wants to delay the treatment until after Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure I want to do it at all.  I'm a big believer that Americans ingest way too much antibiotics especially through our food supply and doctors prescribing antibiotics at the drop of the hat.  That said, I'm very grateful for Dr. Liz who was on call this weekend and called in a prescription for Cipro for a UTI I  got on Sunday.  It would be kind of silly for my husband to take it and me not to and he's a very compliant patient so he'll want to do the drugs.  Hmmmm.

I took the 25mg of Clomid on cycle days 3-5.  I didn't feel any side effects but didn't really expect that given such a low dose.  I've got enough pills to up to 50mg but right now my plan is to do 2 months at 25mg and up to 50 after that, if we don't get pregnant.  My hubby said if I did get pregnant, we wouldn't know if it was the endometriosis removal that fostered the pregnancy or if the Clomid did it.  I told him I didn't really care what the cause or reason was, I'd just drop to my knees and praise Jesus if it actually happened.  The only snag I see this month is that I'll very likely ovulate on Thanksgiving Day and we're hosting the event at our home.  Will my husband give me ten minutes in all that madness?

Dr. St.igen told me to start taking the B6 and Fertile CM together but I'm only going to do the Fertile CM.  Fertile CM was the only thing that helped before (marginally) and I'm getting sensitive over this "limited cervical mucus" diagnosis.  My off the cuff theory is that NaPro focuses so heavily on the precise quantity of CM because that's the key to the NFP practice.  It's everything.  So, what's the big deal in having "only" 10KL 3x and the only thing anybody seems to care about is 10KL AD for four or more days?  Until I see a proven scientific study of how vitamin B6 causes more CM, I'm not won over.  Anybody have one?

I had my hair color changed on Saturday.  As usual, only one person at work has said anything yet.  It was a very light blonde but as it grew longer, I was very concerned about some women I see with really blonde hair and it looks brittle and dry.  I'd much rather have shiny, healthy hair then blonde, so I took it to a light auburn.  I like it a lot and it was a good pick-me-up after weeks of calamity.


  1. Glad to hear those cultures came back negative. That's a positive thing:) I'm really hoping and praying for you dear that the Clomid works. I'm sure I'll be put on that soon too. HUGS

  2. If you don't have to take the antibiotics don't!!!! I was on three different antibiotics when I first started with Napro and I felt every single side effect! It helped a bit with the TEBB, but it wasn't til I had my surgeries that it stopped.

    You're so lucky that Clomid doesn't make you nuts!!!