Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful (Need some Clomid advice)

After seven days of black/brown/red spotting post-surgery, I finally have a heavy flow (thank the Lord!)  I'm concerned about labeling CD 1 because the prescription I have for Clomid is 25mg once a day on cycle days 3, 4, and 5.  For those who took Clomid, I'm curious if your prescriptions were similar in terms of days to take.  I'm going to take a shot and call today CD 1 since yesterday it was red/brown very light flow.

Dr. Sti.gen says she wants me to try the Clomid for four months, I think at 25mg.  If that doesn't get me pregnant, she wants to give me Femara.  Because of at least another blogger's experiences, I'm highly tempted to up my dose to 50mg.  I feel guilty about going non compliant but, hey, I'm motivated.

I went to the pharmacy last night to fill the prescription.  It was pretty comical.  Because it was late, the pharmacist was there by himself.  He was negotiating with me because apparently my insurance company only covers a one month supply.  Since the pills come only in 50mg tablets, he found it comical that I would only get 2 tablets.  I really wanted the flexibility of taking 50mg if I felt like it.  I asked the pharmacist how much the Clomid would be without the insurance.  For 12 pills, the cost was $40.  I took the plunge and paid for the dang thing.  It's not much money, I know but I do feel guilty for not using the insurance.

However, I'm excited to get started and hope this will finally get the help I need to get pregnant.  St. Theresa, pray for us!!!


  1. Hope this does the trick! I never tried Clomid, so I have zero knowledge in that department. Dr. K had me on Femara from the beginning. I think I started at 30 mg and she ultimately bumped me up to 40 or 45 mg.

  2. Clomid makes me a stark raving lunatic!!! I hope that it does the trick!

  3. Good luck with the clomid! I'm about to start it again after a break from it. The one thing that effected me the most were those dang hot flashes.

  4. Ooo, i'll be anxious to hear how it works for you. Let us know.