Friday, November 12, 2010

Beat up

I must have really bad luck.  I contracted a cold in NYC that lasted two weeks in early October.  Four days before the laparoscopy, I took a relatively minor spill on my motorcycle giving me a skinned up right knee and major lower leg bruising.  Nine days ago, I had the lap/hysteroscopy and just as I was finally done healing from that I start to get what I initially thought was strep throat then a cold and now I'm pretty sure it's a major allergy attack.  I haven't exercised in two weeks.

I was going to skip the Clomid this cycle given my luckless condition lately but decided last night to pop the first pill.  I immediately got a psychosomatic headache.  Then I took a generic form of that was really a cough suppressant but I wasn't coughing.  Now I feel kind of hyped up with no specific symptoms of illness except some general jitteriness.  I'm just praying I can finally feel good and back to normal soon.


  1. You need some probiotics!!!!! Hope this break is good for the soul!

  2. Praying that you will feel better soon! It's crazy how when one thing goes crazy, many things go crazy!!

    Hopefully you're relaxing this weekend!! :)