Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not a good day

Although it promises to be a relatively quiet day, I'm predicting a bad one.  Some jerk I know made a derogatory comment to me back in October which I pretty much let slide.  However, he made another one last evening and I'm less merciful this time.  He's toast but it's annoying to deal with.

My husband's away until tomorrow.  He wasn't with me last night when this all went down.  So, I'm dealing with this on my own.

I'm getting no project support at work which gives me freedom to make up whatever I want but it still sucks.

It's P+10 and although I have no specific PMS symptoms, I'm agitated by what's going on around me to make me worried things didn't work out this month.  I am proud that for the last four weeks, I've had barely any alcohol.  Perhaps five drinks in that period.

Sorry to be such a downer especially to my prayer buddy who must think I'm a nut. :)  


  1. I am so sorry. :(
    And I'm pretty sure none of us bloggers thinks you're a nut! You sound pretty normal to me! :)

  2. You definitely sound normal to me! Sorry things are not going well. I hope you feel better soon!