Friday, July 2, 2010

We've got nothing but time

I got my first blood draw for the full menstrual cycle hormone profile. Despite my nervousness about the hospital staff not understanding the standing order, they appeared to grasp the concept of what they are doing. So, it worked out. I'm "back to happy" and looking forward to scheduling the remaining tests, hysterosonogram, pelvic ultrasound, selective HSG, laparoscopy, and follicular ultrasound series. The hysterosonogram and pelvic u/s are ordered for a radiology center across the street from Dr. D's office however that's too far for me for relatively routine tests. I'll only trust the HSG and lap to the NaPro surgeon, however. So, I'm looking for a good, local radiology practice.

I was telling MLM that I'm working to do all the tests relatively concurrently, get any appropriate treatment, then get back to the bedroom (or living room ;) and then pray for the best. I've always been impatient and have struggled to reject proverbs that extol the absolute virtues of patience. Not that I reject the biblical teachings of the importance of patience in matters of the heart and soul. But when it comes to a lot of things in life, faster is better!

Nothing in my life could come early enough. I took calculus my junior year of high school (not at all common in CA.) Most people waited until college. This actually turned out to be a bad decision to rush it since I forgot what I'd learned and had to retake pre-calculus my first year of college. I rejected Washington D.C. after six months of living there and got out after eleven months. I'd switched careers by 27. My husband preferred to date longer before getting married but I was eager to get married and start a family ASAP.

So, now when I was told I should TTC for a year before seeking medical attention, I rejected that completely. I started talking to my doctor about infertility after three months. Now I feel justified after eight months with nothing to show for it. Even Dr. D (and many friends) said, after finding out my age, "You are very young so there's lots of time." I replied, "I want more than one child." The thought bubble said, "Young?!?! I need to get on this stuff STAT! It's already taken too long."

I feel terrible for some women when I hear their stories about trying to conceive for literally years before seeking help. I think it's a crisis of public health information and medical research in America that women are not told about the dynamics of the reproductive system and getting pregnant is not like falling off a chair. 10% of the population is not small and ART centers take wild advantage of couples telling them IVF and/or IUI are their only chances for becoming parents. ART is not just morally wrong is economically evil. Thank the Lord for giving us the Roman Catholic Church and the holy people that are working to make ART unnecessary.

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