Monday, July 19, 2010

Because I couldn't figure out a way to format a table in blo.gspot, I just grabbed the image from my excel spreadsheet.  Am I not awesome? ;)  My luteal phases have only been four days apart from cycle to cycle, once.  Other than that, I'm coasting along at 0, 1, 2, and 3.  Cool.  The light blue highlighting are the months we used white and green baby days.  I love how my body says, "What did you do?  I don't care.  You'll get your period on schedule."

I've read that some ladies quit charting after a certain period of time of infertility.  I've thought about doing that, too.  And it makes a lot of sense.  Why figure out the days of fertility if you're infertile?  I'm seeing my third NaPro physician this week and I'll have her look at the charts.  I had to point out to the first two, my so-called limited mucus cycles.  They thought the chart looked pretty darn normal.  Am I obsessed?  Yes!  I can't quit charting.  The method is seared into my brain.  I can't ever go back to crumpled paper and dab.

My mother of all people suggested I start charting my temperature.  Seems like a lot of trouble to me and why did I learn Creighton for gosh's sakes?  I'm reluctantly considering septo-thermal for the next cycle.  Or maybe try number 9 is the lucky one.  My prayer buddy wasn't asked to pray for pregnancy but she might have thrown that in?!? :)

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